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Are you worried about making money to become a billionaire? Yes, you want it. But you have no idea how to make it possible. So, no need to worry about it. I will present you with the best way where you can make as much money as you can think of it. Nagaland lottery presents you with the easiest and shortest way to make money and become a billionaire within a short period. But people ask, what is the Nagaland state lottery? This article presents you with all the information related to this lottery, its results, various types, timing and days, number of prizes from small to bumper prizes, and methods of becoming billionaires by winning the state lottery.

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October 03, 2023

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What is the Nagaland State Lottery?

Nagaland lottery is a state-owned lottery system that works as a source of income not only for the government but for the people as well. It was established in 1972 in the state of Nagaland, India. The Nagaland lottery department runs this lottery. This department is responsible for the rules and regulations and all other affairs of the state lottery. It stands different from other lottery systems by offering up to 1cror in a single day. In short, a person can become a billionaire if his luck sides him.

Since its establishment, it has been offering the best source of entertainment besides income to the people of Nagaland, Manipur, Assam, and West Bengal. According to data, it collects approximately Rs. 30cror in west Bengal alone. It acts as the best source of income for the government of these states. The luckiest people can try their luck to become a billionaire. In addition to that, special bumper lotteries–that are held at famous festivals such as Diwali and Christmas—have made it more interesting and a populous game in the state of Nagaland.

How The Nagaland State Lottery Works?

A lottery is a form of gambling where people try their luck. Thousands of people buy tickets to this Nagaland lottery from authorized dealers and then wait for the result. The winning numbers are drawn randomly. And lucky players who have matching numbers on their tickets win cash prizes. The prize amount varies depending on the game and the number of winners.

How TakePart in Nagaland State Lottery

The participation method of the Nagaland State Lottery is very simple. Participants have two ways to buy tickets. First, they can buy tickets from authorized dealers working across the state. Secondly, they can buy it online. After buying tickets, they need to select a set of numbers of their interest and then hope that their selected numbers match the winning numbers drawn.

Following are the types of draws played on days of the week and the timings of their results

Nagaland Dear Morning Lottery Names & Result Time 1:00 PM

Days Draw Names
MondayDEAR Dwarka
TuesdayDEAR Godavari
WednesdayDear Indus
ThursdayDear Mahanadi
FridayDear Meghna
SaturdayDear Narmada
SundayDear Yamuna
These are the Nagaland Lottery Morning Draw Names

Dear Morning:  Total Tickets 5.80 Crores to be printed in 42 to 99/A B C D E G H J K L series with Serial no. 00000 to 99999.

Nagaland Dear Evening Lottery Names & Result Time 6:00 PM

DaysDraw Names
MondayDear Desert
TuesdayDear Wave
WednesdayDear Hill
ThursdayDear Lake
FridayDear Mountain
SaturdayDear River
SundayDear Sea
These are the Nagaland Lottery Evening Draw Names

Dear Evening: Total Tickets 2.80 Crores to be printed in 74 to 99/A B C D E G H J K L series with Serial no. 00000 to 99999.

Nagaland Dear Night Lottery Names & Result Time 8:00 PM

DaysDraw Names
MondayDear Finch
TuesdayDear Goose
WednesdayDear Pelican
ThursdayDear Sandpiper
FridayDear Seagull
SaturdayDear Stork
SundayDear Toucan
These are the Nagaland State Lottery Nigh Draw Names

Dear  Night: Total Tickets 7.00 Crores to be printed in 30 to 99/A B C D E G H J K L series followed by Serial no. 00000 to 99999.

Nagaland State Lotteries Prizes

The Nagaland state department has divided the prize money into different categories. These categories depend upon the price of the ticket and the winning place. In short, there are different amounts of prize money for the first, second, and third numbers. Generally, the categories are as under:

First Prize

The first prize award is for the ticket holder who matches all the winning numbers. The prize money for the first prize can range from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 1 crore, depending on the lottery game.

Second Prize

The second prize award is for the ticket holder who matches all the numbers except the first prize winning number. The prize money for the second prize can range from Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 9 lakh, depending on the lottery game.

Third Prize

The third prize award is for the ticket holder who matches the winning number’s last five or six digits. The prize money for the third prize can range from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2,000, depending on the lottery game.

Ticketing Price

There is an entry ticket to participate in the lottery game which is known as the ticket price. The ticket price varies for each game. Generally, the price ranges from Rs. 6 to 200. A person can participate by buying a ticket online or from the franchise.

How To Claim Wining Prizes?

The prize winner can claim their reward by following the following steps:

  1. Check the result and then verify your selected numbers with the winning numbers published on our website or in the newspaper.
  2. After confirming the winning numbers, you must fill out the form with your name, address, and bank details.
  3. Submit the form and your ticket to the authorized dealer or the Nagaland state lotteries department.
  4. The Nagaland Dear Lottery department will transfer your reward money to your mentioned bank details after verifying it.
  5. The period to claim your reward is 60 days. Late claiming may lose your chance of receiving the prize money. For more details, check the rules and regulation section below.


The Nagaland state lottery is one of the best and easiest ways of making money. Its participation method is very and does not require any rocket science. A person can participate after purchasing a ticket online or from an authorized dealer. After that, the participant is supposed to select a number of their interest and then wait for the result announcement. A person can win if their selected number matches the winning numbers. the prize money is different for each reward depending on the ticket. In short, a person may try their luck in the Nagaland lottery to become a billionaire. So, don’t think, just visit our website for the information and latest results and other updates. We keep updating Nagaland Lottery results thrice a day. Stay with us to view and download all your lottery results.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

How to participate in the lottery?

To participate in the Nagaland Lottery, players have to purchase tickets that contain a set of numbers.

What is the grand prize of Nagaland Lottery Sambad?

The grand prize of Nagaland Lottery Sambad is Rs. 1 crore.

Can I purchase Nagaland Lottery tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase Nagaland Lotteries tickets online through authorized lottery websites.

What are the different types of Nagaland State Lotteries?

The Nagaland State offers various types of lotteries, including Dear Morning, Dear Day, and Dear Evening.

What are the Nagaland State Lottery Today results?

For the Nagaland State Lottery today result you have to visit for the latest updated results.

How can I claim my prize money if I win the Nagaland State Lottery?

To claim your prize money, you must provide proper identification and proof of purchase of a winning ticket, to the authorized lottery retailer or office within the specified period. After verification, the authorized bank will issue a check in your name.